PetSmart Charities - Driving Cat Adoptions

We adopted humor. They adopted more cats.

In 2018, cat adoptions were significantly down, and kitten season was upon us – which meant more cats were being born and fewer families were adopting them. As a result, shelters were crowded, and animal control officers were extra busy tending to stray and feral cat problems in many communities. We needed to bring awareness to this issue, and drive cat adoptions.


increase in cat adoptions in the first year


views of campaign videos

Tapping into truths.

It turns out cats help lower anxiety. And if you’re tired, watching cat videos actually boosts energy. We leaned into these insights by leveraging user-generated content showing cats, well, being cats.

Sharing the love. Sharing the laughs.

We showed the joy and hilarity a cat can bring to inspire people to adopt at PetSmart.

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