Turning European NFL fans into American travel enthusiasts.

As the NFL geared up to play five regular season games in London and Frankfurt, it was not just the “other football” that stole the spotlight. We seized this cultural moment as a golden opportunity to introduce the British and Germans to other incredible American experiences beyond American football. 


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Embracing a sports-inspired messaging strategy, we dared London and Frankfurt residents to rise to their feet, and cheer “Go <to> Miami” or “Go <to> Atlanta.” A clever twist that ignited the desire to travel.

Our video seamlessly presented an enticing compilation of beautiful destinations in the United States, all set to a typical American football broadcaster infused with play-by-play excitement and gridiron lingo. The result was a “classic” NFL-esque highlight reel spotlighting thrilling U.S. destinations instead of the best plays.

The Official Bar of the “Other Football."

We flipped two sports bars, one in Frankfurt and one in London, and completely transformed the atmosphere into immersive, vibrant travel bars dedicated to the “other football.” The event offered a photo booth, airbrushing destination jerseys, typical American marching bands, and a menu offering local food from the NFL destinations.

Nine great beers inspired by nine NFL destinations.

We crafted exclusive ‘Tastes of the States’ beer packs for Visit the USA, creating a buzz among media, press, and adventurous travel influencers. These limited-edition packs featured beers inspired by the U.S. travel destinations showcased in the games. Each beer captured the essence of its respective city, and the labels were filled with insightful information on what to know, see, do, eat, and explore in each location.

The campaign inspired international fans to extend their excitement beyond the teams – they started to become fans of the cities where they play, too. Polling done by the UK media network showed a 23pt lift in desire to visit the USA after viewing the ads.

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