Texas Children's Hospital

Onboarding with pride begins with Hi.

33% of new hires to a company will look for a new job in the first 6 months. But when companies treat employee on-boarding as more than a laundry list of things to do for payroll, retention rates skyrocket. Texas Children’s took this to heart and sought yet another way to help employees connect to the organization. We were asked to brand and create experiences an employee orientation people actually want to go to. The result? Texas Children’s Hi: bringing our employees “back to school.”

As an organization of over 15,000 employees, recent hires quickly felt lost in the shuffle. So we designed everything to help build bonds with other employees and the Texas Children’s mission from day one—starting with the name. While “employee orientation” may spark joy in some, we landed on TC Hi. Even the name reminds employees to say, “Hi!” and greet new peers they see in the halls.

From there, we took inspiration from vintage school supplies, turning TC Hi into an alma mater to wear with pride beyond just orientation.

New initiatives we developed included class pep rally kick offs, bell schedules, values classes, and graduation at the end of the day. Each experience contributed to branding employee orientation as something bigger—your first day as a Texas Children’s change-maker.


With the employe orientation rebrand came a wave of TC Hi pride. People have taken to social media to share their experiences and fellow employees can’t wait to join in.

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