PetSmart Charities

Increasing pet adoptions through social media reach
and engagement.

PetSmart Charities were faced with a real challenge – most people had never heard of them. In fact, brand awareness was at a staggering 1%. That’s when SPARK came in. After initially creating a social media strategy, we have leveraged their now-engaged social audience to inspire pet adoption and launched social-first campaigns that are driving real results.

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Driving adoptions through an engagement strategy.

In collaboration with PetSmart Charities, we created a social media strategy that focused on driving engagement and brand loyalty through the use of heartwarming adoption stories across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In just two years, our engagement numbers increased by over 500%.




Video views
and counting



Our relationship began with a social audit and strategy that helped us define exactly who our audience was and helped us know what types of content to test. It didn’t take us long to learn our winning formula.

in just two years, social engagement increased over 5x

We broke the national adoption record twice.

Cat adoptions were significantly down, and kitten season was upon us – which meant more cats were being born and fewer families were adopting them. As a result, shelters were crowded, and animal control officers were extra busy tending to stray and feral cat problems in many communities. We needed to bring awareness to this issue, and drive cat adoptions.


increase in cat adoptions


views of campaign videos

It turns out cats help lower anxiety. And if you’re tired, watching cat videos actually boosts energy. We leaned into these insights by leveraging user-generated content showing cats, well, being cats.

Sharing the love and sharing the laughs. We showed the joy and hilarity a cat can bring to inspire people to adopt at PetSmart.

A simple thank you becomes one of PetSmart’s top spots.

Where do my charitable donations really go? Does my dollar here and there even make a difference? PetSmart Charities set out to answer all the above and change the obligatory, “Yeah sure,” at check-out into something intentional and rewarding. The result is an edu-taining, integrated, creative campaign built around one idea: everything that PetSmart Charities does wouldn’t be possible without you—yes, you.


were more likely to donate after seeing ad


lift in ad recall


lift in brand awareness

The campaign not only thanked donors for their contributions no matter the size, and also highlighted the amazing programs those donations fund like emergency services, pet therapy programs, and accessible veterinary care.

Our content studio team captured feel-good, adorable moments that visualize how PetSmart Charities turns dollars into impact and donors into sponsors. The video is made complete with Yoko Ono’s quirky and lovable track titled, “Yes, I’m Your Angel” has garnered over 7.5M views on YouTube.

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