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Rebounding Florida Travel Post-Pandemic

When COVID hit, tourism was immediately and severely impacted. We helped VISIT FLORIDA manage the crisis effectively while also proactively planning for economic recovery coming out of the pandemic.


lift in visitation


higher arrival lift


more visitors than projected

Through ongoing consumer research focused on global health, traveler attitudes, and destination hosting capabilities, we recognized that an ever-evolving landscape would require us to adopt an approach that was nimble and ever-ready to react through each phase of recovery. So we executed a multi-phase approach over 2 years that helped Florida manage, then rebound faster than other destinations.

We established one messaging tier that delivered an anthemic, emotional message to past and future travelers to ensure the Florida message remained top of mind while travel was paused. The second leveraged behavioral triggers such as travel search or other signals of intent and showcased a variety of open-air, outdoor Florida experiences that travelers could enjoy safely and immediately.

Our :90 anthem spot engaged viewers through its longer format, dreamy imagery, and emotional narrative. As travelers were stuck at home, we reminded them of the emotional rewards made possible by the power of a Florida vacation.

Our inclusivity efforts in this work along with other accessibility initiatives led to  AdWeek naming VISIT FLORIDA as one of the top 10 most accessible brands in 2020.

In early 2021, as vaccines became more available and travel opened, we were ready with a :60-commerical that followed up our previous efforts – only this time with a more direct invitation to come and visit the state.

In our last phase or COVID rebound we executed Florida’s largest and most successful co-op campaign that allowed 47 regional DMOs to participate in the recovery effort. We produced 28 in-state and 19 national commercials that featured 73 different cities in the footage. Our efforts to show the breadth of the Sunshine state drove 2x higher likelihood of vacationing within Florida and 187% lift in tourist arrivals.

These collective efforts with VISIT FLORIDA resulted in growing market share, beating recovery efforts by two years, and setting a new tourism record for the state.

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