Aquila Power Catamarans Names SPARK First Brand Marketing Agency

Aquila Power Catamarans, the leader in luxury catamaran manufacturing, has selected SPARK as its first-ever brand marketing agency to drive global brand strategy and creative direction. This marks the first time Aquila has engaged an agency to take on this type of comprehensive brand role, signaling a new chapter in the company’s global marketing efforts.

Renowned for its pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation, Aquila has set the market standard for quality, performance, and reliability. This partnership with SPARK aims to amplify Aquila’s brand visibility, awareness, and appeal to a global audience, further solidifying its leadership in the power catamaran market.

“We’re thrilled to be the first agency to partner up with Aquila Power Catamarans in this way — they’re not just at the top of their game; they’re changing the whole luxury boating industry,” said Michael Peters, SPARK’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer. “As Aquila expands globally across the Americas, APAC, and Europe, we’re embarking on a journey filled with exciting opportunities and new adventures. This partnership is about more than growth; it’s about creating a customer story that resonates globally, highlighting Aquila’s leading-edge, eco-friendly designs and unparalleled customer experiences connecting boating and adventure enthusiasts everywhere.”

This new agency relationship will see SPARK playing a pivotal role in enhancing Aquila’s global brand presence, which was established in 2012. Tasked with developing a cohesive global brand story supported by game-changing creative campaigns and marketing strategies, SPARK will spotlight Aquila’s existing product lineup – already considered best in class – ranging from offshore and sport models to luxury and yachting lines. In addition, SPARK will support introducing new products, which are anticipated to not only uphold but also set new benchmarks in industry standards, continuing Aquila’s legacy of ingenuity in the boating marketplace.

“Aquila Power Catamarans looks forward to this dynamic partnership with SPARK, a team renowned for their creative prowess and industry-forward marketing insights,” said Jean Raas, Managing Director of Aquila USA. “As we continue to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing excellence, SPARK’s expertise will be key in driving our global presence and connecting with our audience on a deeper level. This collaboration is not just about brand building; it’s about setting a new standard for luxury catamarans and ensuring Aquila leads the way in innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.”

This partnership signals a new era for Aquila as it continues to lead the industry with groundbreaking designs and a commitment to environmental responsibility. With SPARK’s strategic guidance, Aquila plans to enhance its brand image and set new benchmarks for quality and transformation in the power catamaran market.
SPARK’s command over the boating and yachting industries is vividly demonstrated through their revitalization of Bertram Yachts and the unification of MarineMax’s brand presence. Their strategic rejuvenation of Bertram Yachts involved re-introducing the brand to its loyal following while simultaneously attracting new admirers with the launch of the new 35, a yacht that blends legacy with modernity. This initiative re-established Bertram’s prominence in the yachting world and showcased SPARK’s ability to weave historical significance with contemporary appeal. Similarly, for MarineMax, SPARK developed a cohesive brand strategy that harmonized the company’s 55 locations and diverse product verticals, culminating in a campaign lauded as ‘Campaign of the Year’ by Boating Magazine. This campaign significantly elevated web traffic and sales, underscoring SPARK’s prowess in crafting unified brand narratives that resonate across diverse market segments.