TGI Fridays Names SPARK Social Media Engagement Agency

Fridays wings
Fridays wings

SPARK has been named the social media engagement agency for TGI Fridays, the iconic casual dining chain.

SPARK will focus on the overall development and management of TGI Fridays organic social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X (formerly known as Twitter). As part of the agency’s scope of work, SPARK is responsible for general social platform management as well as strategic marketing and communications efforts that include community engagement, crisis management support, and creative content collaboration to support the leading casual dining restaurant brand’s cultural relevancy.

“We chose to partner with SPARK because of their unparalleled reputation for innovative brand management,” said Tiffany Wilburn, VP of Marketing at TGI Fridays. “Their approach in aligning TGI Fridays with the ever-changing social landscape made them the perfect fit. In today’s crowded casual dining market, standing out and connecting with our customers where they live online is more vital than ever. We believe that social media is not just a platform but an essential part of the overall brand building experience, a place where our community comes together, shares, and engages with our brand. Together with SPARK, we’re excited to explore strategic and creative approaches that ensure TGI Fridays remains not only a dining choice but a cultural American icon.”

“We’re extremely excited about our partnership with TGI Fridays, a real leader in the fast casual dining scene,” said Michael Peters, SPARK’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer. “Nowadays, with so many places to eat, it’s not just about serving good food – you have to really connect with your customers through innovative social media and regular communication. TGI Fridays gets that, and we see a chance to boost their image and create a connection that really clicks with people today. We’re all about growing things naturally and coming up with smart ways to market, so we can keep TGI Fridays ahead of the game. We know that a brand that brings people together over that Fridays Feeling experiences is something special, and we’re eager to elevate TGI Fridays’ social presence.”