Putting care back into healthcare.

People are inundated with prescription ads everyday. Their friends are constantly asking them to donate to their walk for [insert cause here]. And based on their insurance or location, they may not always have a choice about which healthcare provider to visit. But with our professional yet personal touch, you can position your healthcare marketing or branding as one that cares and makes a positive change in people’s lives.

Texas Children's Hospital

Putting culture first to expand
a growing team.

Baycare health

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sea of pink.


Reviving the heart of
AHA’s fundraising.

Texas Children's Human Resource Campaign and Healthcare marketing initiatives

Using culture to attract
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Helping millions of children
through the power of exercise.


Brand Identity

Whether we’re branding an organization or an initiative, brands created solely to help others deserve an identity as beautiful as their mission is. Before we get into healthcare or hospital marketing strategy development, we use what differentiates your care or cause from others.

Logo development
Nonprofit and Hospital branding
Identity system development
Proof of concept (activation concepts)
Traditional and Digital Campaigns

Any successful campaign is highly targeted, measurable, and connects with people in an unexpected way—why should ones directed at keeping everyone healthy be any different? Our team can develop compelling strategies, execute campaigns, and distribute your services and information.

Consumer research
Nonprofit and hospital marketing strategy
Traditional executions (print, outdoors, television, etc)
Digital marketing (microsites, banner ads, social, etc)
Campaign distribution
Internal Campaigns

Hospital marketing isn't always external. More often than not, healthcare organizations have expansive internal audiences. We've worked with the nation's top healthcare providers to create internal campaigns that aid with retention and recruitment and have an overall positive effect on patient outcomes.

Culture definition
Recruitment campaigns
Human resources campaigns
Operations guide development
Orientation audit and rebrand
Employee recognition campaigns
Patient Experience

No healthcare marketing strategy can replace a good patient experience. And while few people actually want to be in a hospital or at the doctors, you can make their time with you as easy and stress-free as possible with thoughtful care along their journey.

Service touch point mapping
Experience design concepts
Digital operations guide
Execution and implementation

Want people to connect with your cause? Immerse them in it. And not just with a walk-a-thon or speech in an auditorium. We can develop healthcare strategies, collateral, and marketing plans to turn your message into a movement.

Strategic planning
Event design concepts
Collateral development
Event producing
Content creation and capture
Social Media

Extended your healthcare or hospital marketing while positioning yourself as a thought leader with a consistent social calendar. Our team of strategists, community managers, and content creators give you the tools to keep conversations going after appointments or events have ended.

Social audit
Social profiling
Strategy development
Community management
Reputation monitoring & management
Content creation
Content Studios

High-quality, thoughtful video and photography can be the difference health craze super-fruit and legitimate advice. Our team of in-house producers, photographers, and editors can create scalable content that takes your healthcare marketing to the next level.

Social content
Testimonial videos

Brands we partner with

“It seems like they’ve been a part of our team for 5 years.”

Mark A. Wallace, President & CEO, Texas Children’s Hospital

“My biggest surprise and greatest joy in working with SPARK has been around the commitment of every single person who works there and their commitment to Texas Children’s.”

Linda Aldred Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Texas Children’s Hospital

A video used in our breast cancer awareness campaign for BayCare.

Awards + Recognition