For when the destination is as important as the journey.

What makes someone scrolling through Instagram stop and want to go somewhere?  What entices a couple to take a vacation with (or sometimes without) the kids? The answer is different for everyone—but we can help you find the answer. As a trusted destination marketing agency, we’ve branded cities, employed international campaigns, and turned locals into advocates for their state. Our full-service research, design, social, and content teams help increase bed taxes and bolster tourism economies around the country.

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Concept & Brand Story

We believe that at the core of any successful destination marketing is a unique story. Historic events, one-of-a-kind eateries, or natural wonders all come together to create your destinations DNA. We’re here to help you unravel that and use it to position you as the getaway-worthy escape you are.

• Competitive analysis
• Location immersion
• Visitor and local profiling
• Destination concept/positioning
• Brand story (including mission, vision, and values)


Brand Identity

Using your brand story as a starting point, we create visual and verbal identities that let consumers know exactly where they can find that picture perfect beach or cityscape. This forms the basis of future destination marketing campaigns, experiences, and initiatives.

• Logo design
• Visual and verbal applications
• Rebrands and refreshes
• Proof of concept (activation concepts)


Experiential Marketing

The best way to sell someone your destination? Bring them there. The second best? Bring it to them. Experiential marketing makes your destination marketing campaign tangible, making it that much more compelling to book a trip. Our in-house producers, media strategists, and creatives execute meaningful, ownable, and shareable moments beyond a screen.

• Experience design concepts
• Execution and implementation
• Post experience marketing strategy


Social Media

If you didn’t post about it, did you really go? Well our strategists, community managers, and content creators make sure you never have to find out the answer. With compelling social campaigns, advocacy groups, and influencer marketing, we amplify the conversation surrounding your destination, which creates higher visitation rates, which leads to more content, and the wonderful cycle continues.

• Social audit
• Social profiling
• Strategy development
• Engagement
• Community management
• Reputation monitoring & management
• Content creation


Content Studios

It’s hard to picture yourself somewhere you’ve never seen. That’s why we send our in-house studio team of producers, photographers, and editors to capture every little thing that makes your destination marketing campaigns shine. Every local enjoying a meal, every open field or skyline, and every boat in every harbor, we can bring it to screens everywhere with our highest quality video and photography.

• Photography
• Video
• Social content
• Destination sizzle reels
• Testimonials

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about some
of the DMO’s we’ve worked with.

Woman screams with two leaves - a still taken from an influencer marketing video.


People like people more than brands, so we helped VISIT FLORIDA use trusted voices in the travel space to share their Florida stories to inspire others to do the same.

A man looking at Experience Kissimmee digital billboards in Time Square, NY.

Experience Kissimmee

Often confused with nearby Orlando, Kissimmee needed a brand refresh that positioned them as the place for vacations.

Share a Little Sunshine

How we leveraged and focused the already present Florida pride to create a community that has helped us create over 1.3 million pieces of content.

“SPARK always delivers solutions that are far bigger than we propose them to be. That’s a real value to us.”

Susannah Costello,
Former VP of Brand, VISIT FLORIDA

“We’re extremely proud of our new brand. It draws upon the experiences that make Tampa Bay a unique destination in Florida. Also, it’s fun and really resonates with people. It stands out everywhere we use it, whether it’s on a business card at a trade show or 50 feet high on a building in downtown Chicago.”

Santiago Corrada,
CEO of Visit Tampa Bay

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